The NCI Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP) has been replaced with the NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP), and as such the NCCCP website is now live archived. The information within the website will still be available to review for reference purposes only, but the information and links on the website are no longer being updated.

The information and links on this website are no longer being updated and are provided for reference purpose only.


NCI Community Cancer Centers Program June 25–26 Launch Materials

NCCCP Launch Binder

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Dr. Niederhuber Welcoming Letter

Dr. Niederhuber Welcoming Letter (pdf, 869kb)

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Table of Contents

NCI Community Cancer Centers Program Pilot Launch and Orientation

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Launch Agenda

NCI Community Cancer Centers Program – Pilot Launch Agenda (pdf, 45kb)

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Pilot Program Summary

Pilot Program Summary (pdf, 58kb)

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Pilot Program Governance

NCCCP Program Governance Plan (pdf, 13kb)

NCCCP Program Governance Org Chart (pdf, 91kb)

NCI Program Advisory Committee Roster (pdf, 43kb)

NCI Program Advisory Committee Org Chart (pdf, 110kb)

EOC Roster (pdf, 31kb)

EOC Biographies (pdf, 30kb)

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Pilot Organizations

Pilot Sites 2007-2010 Profiles (pdf, 28kb)

Pilot Organizations (pdf, 20kb)

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Billings Clinic

Billings Clinic Summary (pdf, 29kb)

Billings Clinic Program Overview (pdf, 104kb)

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Hartford Hospital

Hartford Hospital Summary (pdf, 29kb)

Hartford Hospital Program Overview (pdf, 112kb)

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St. Joseph's/Candler

St. Joseph's/Candler Summary (pdf, 28kb)

St. Joseph's/Candler Program Overview (pdf, 166kb)

St. Josephs/Candler Oncology Trials Worksheet (pdf, 37kb)

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Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center

Our Lady of the Lake Summary (pdf, 29kb)

Our Lady of the Lake Program Overview (pdf, 259kb)

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Sanford USD Medical Center

Sanford USD Medical Center Summary (pdf, 29kb)

Sanford USD Med. Ctr. Program Overview (pdf, 161kb)

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Spartanburg Regional Hospital

Spartanburg Regional Summary 1 (pdf, 29kb)

Spartanburg Regional Program Overview (pdf, 250kb)

Spartanburg Regional Org Chart (pdf, 13kb)

Spartanburg Regional Committees (pdf, 36kb)

Spartanburg Regional Summary 2 (pdf, 27kb)

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St. Joseph Hospital — Orange

St. Joseph/Orange Summary (pdf, 28kb)

St. Joseph/Orange Program Overview (pdf, 162kb)

St. Joseph/Orange Physician Conditions of Participation (pdf, 51kb)

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Christiana Hospital

Christiana Summary (pdf, 29kb)

Christiana Program Overview (pdf, 767kb)

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Ascension Health

Ascension Profiles Summary (pdf, 39kb)

Ascension/St. Vincent Ind. Hospital (pdf, 53kb)

Ascension/Columbia St. Mary's (pdf, 78kb)

Ascension/Seton Family of Hospitals (pdf, 57kb)

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Catholic Health Initiatives

Catholic Health Summary (pdf, 45kb)

Catholic Health Program Overview (pdf, 156kb)

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Pilot Focus Areas

Pilot Focus Areas: Work Plans and Support Documents (pdf, 17kb)

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Disparities Pilot Work Plan (pdf, 103kb)

Health Disparities Resources (pdf, 61kb)

Partnership Staff by CIS Region Worksheet (pdf, 19kb)

DCLG Fact Sheet (pdf, 73kb)

CARRA Fact Sheet (pdf, 147kb)

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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Pilot Work Plan (pdf, 76kb)

Clinical Trials Goals by Year Worksheet (pdf, 112kb)

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Information Technology

Information Technology Pilot Work Plan (pdf, 53kb)

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Biospecimens Pilot Work Plan (pdf, 53kb)

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Other Program Components

Pilot Work Plan and Deliverables Summary: Additional Program Components (pdf, 112kb)

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Pilot Evaluation

Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract (pdf, 1.74mb)

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Communications and Education


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Media Outreach

NIH News (pdf, 37kb)

Fact Sheet (pdf, 78kb)

Pilot Site Map (pdf, 1.99mb)

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NCI Resources

Guide to NCI Resources (pdf, 134kb)